Day 11: Life Interrupted Part 2

On Saturday, I was working at a breast cancer 5k run and slipped and fell. One minute I was standing erect and the next I was on the floor. It had been raining and the floor was wet. Oops!  I guess I should have gone to the porta potty and perhaps my wrist would be fine. Or then again, I could have fallen out of the porta potty with my undies around my ankles, be covered in ick, and still have a broken  wrist!  Since I am a dab behind, I thought I would use this post to make fun of my injury!

Top Things You Can’t Do with a Broken Right Wrist

* Tie your sneakers ( duh you say)

*Floss your teeth. I am a flosser and was really bummed when I could not figure out an alternate way to floss.

*Fasten your bra. If I were smaller, I would not wear one. But a DD girl needs support. I guess I could try a sports bra. But I would have to be able to step into it and pull it up. Well, that ain’t happening folks. There is way too much stuff to pull it over with only one hand.

*Line your eyes. I wear minimal makeup. Eyeliner is one of the things I do wear. I would suggest you practice lining your eyes with the “wrong” hand just to give it a try.  And then figure out what you might do. Asking my hubby was out. He had already committed to bra fastening.

*Wipe. You know what I mean. Awkward. I would suggest investing in some baby wipes. And go ahead and train your other half to replace the roll of toilet tissue on the roller do-dad. I have found it is a lot easier to get the tissue when it is on the roller. Honey– are you hearing me? It’s true!

*Pull up your panties/ pants. I would suggest you go with running tights/ yoga pants-commando style ( that means no panties), As my daughter has reminded me, most of them are made for use without panties. Yay! You need to wear something you can tug up with one hand. My friend K who had hip surgery suggested getting some of those old lady mumu dress things. The good thing about that is they require no bra and no panties. Pretty  cool. Or you could look for what my Nannie called ” step-ins” . They were a bloomer style panty with a really wide leg. You could just pull the leg open and squat. You never had to pull them down. They were great when you had to go to the outhouse to “go”.

*And I could name a bunch more but I will close with—shampoo,dry,fix your hair.  My hair is not long enough for a ponytail. It is chin length and has some curl. So it mostly sticks out and is flat on the side. I am toying with getting it cut short-wash and wear. That’s it. Feel free to weigh in on cut versus looking like a bed head all the time.

Now tonight when you pray, thank God for making such a marvelous body for you!