Day 2: Life Interrupted

Sometimes you make plans that are interrupted. For example, I had this terrific post for today that I threw out to talk about life interrupted. I have always been an animal lover and we have had various pets over the course of our marriage. They have always been great additions to our family. Well, this year, our 12 year old pooch-Millie-died in April. She was a terrific pooch. We had found her and her brother-Mac-in our driveway when they were puppies. When you live in the country on a gravel road, some folks think it is an invitation to drop off things they don’t want. Well some person dropped off these two puppies and we took them home. They were great dogs. Mac died in 2013 and then we lost Millie. So we have been dogless for a few months. We keep our grand dog, Zoe, most afternoons and she is awesome. She is a snoodle. But I really wanted one of our own.

Today we went to the dog gym with Zoe and our daughter to work on a few things. And to our surprise, the training was a sham. Our daughter, our daughter-in-law and two of our grandchildren came in with the most adorable puppy. SURPRISE!

So we have a new member of our family. His name is Ozzie and he is a Golden Doodle. He is 10 weeks old and full of vim and vigor. He is a great kisser and has already captured our hearts. So tonight, we will practice our getting up every three hours to take the dog out skills. But that is ok because we can take a long nap together tomorrow afternoon!