Day 4: A-You’re Adorable B-You’re so Beautiful

I was an only child for almost 10 years. And then my Mother became pregnant. Pregnancy was different in the 60’s. First of all, mothers-to-be were never to look pregnant or have anyone see their protruding belly. It was just in poor taste. Maternity clothes were large and completely covered the belly. Women really didn’t wear pants a lot either. And no one talked about what was really happening inside of you. But that is another story. My parents were so excited about the new baby. In those days, there were no ultrasounds. When the baby came out, you knew what you were having. That was it unless you had a distant aunt that could predict the sex using a needle on a thread that was swung over your belly!

When my sister was born, she was a cutie. She had R.E.D. hair! My parents took a lot of kidding about that. No one had red hair that we knew about in our family. Oops! Then when my Dad’s mother saw the new baby, she laughed and said that she had red hair as a young woman. Mystery solved!

I loved watching my dad rock my younger sister. It was a side that I had never seen. I would sit on their bed and watch him holding her and talking to her. The sweetest part was when he would sing to her at night right before he put her in bed. He told me that he sang to me, too, when I was a baby. I can close my eyes and see the picture of him and hear him singing:

“A-you’re adorable

B-you’re so beautiful

C-you’re a cutie full of charm

D-you’re a darling and

E-you’re so elegant

F-you’re a feather in my arms

G-you look good to me

H-you’re so heavenly”

And the song would continue until he had used the whole alphabet. As he sang, he would stroke her cheek. By the end, my sister would be sound asleep all cuddled in my Dad’s arms. Just thinking about those precious moments, chokes me up. Even today.

When I had children, I sang this song to them, too. Yes, even to my son! And then to my daughter. When my grandchildren came along, I sang this same song to them.

Thank you Daddy! I love you and miss you so!

Dad Army uni