2015 Day 10: Saturday Favorites

It’s Saturday-Yay!  It has been raining all night and is still misty and really wet. So on a day like this, there is nothing better than homemade chicken soup and a good book or classic movie.  BTW, my chicken is in the pot, simmering along as I type.  This post is my opinion-not a requirement to purchase or watch! It probably tells a lot about my taste in cinema!!!

Best all time adult movies for me include:

*North by Northwest.  I can’t say enough about this Hitchcock movie. I have it and have watched it a gazillion times! Cary Grant is a classic man. And who can forget the scene in the cornfield?

*In Harm’s Way. A World War II movie in black and white that came out in the 1960’s.  John Wayne, Patricia Neal and a cast of hundreds of other well-known actors/actresses. I have this both in DVD and on disc.  Wow!

*To Kill A Mockingbird. A CLASSIC.  Be sure to read the book first.  Atticus Finch is played perfectly by Gregory Peck.

*Goldfinger with Sean Connery.  You know he was REALLY the ONLY James Bond! My husband in high school worked at the movie theater and I saw this for months on Friday night when we were dating.

*Some Like it Hot in black and white with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.  It’s Prohibition and Tony and Jack dress as women and join a women’s band to avoid the Mob!  Ha Ha all the way!

Best Kid’s Movies:

*No Time for Sergeants-A great film with Andy Griffith and Don Knotts.

*The Ghost and Mr. Chicken played wonderfully by Don Knotts.

*The Parent Trap-the OLD one with Hayley Mills.  I still watch this and laugh and laugh. I have tried the clicking sticks on novice hikers, too! Shame on me!

You will notice that my list contains no Disney classic movies.  I saw Bambi as a child and I was DONE .  I CAN NOT watch animal movies to this very day.

Best chick flicks to watch with your teenage granddaughters:

*Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back, The Trill of It All, The Glass Botton Boat with the queen of comedy and style-Doris Day.  Not a vulgar word is heard and no nudity.  She can still crack me up!

Best Horror Film for me is Them-a black and white movie made in 1954 about ants made into giant ants by radiation.  Don’t watch it alone!

Best Musicals:

The Sound of Music—-the Hills are really alive in Austria and so is the music.

Holiday Inn by Irving Berlin-I usually watch this every July and then from Thanksgiving on.  Yes, I know all the words!

Have a great Saturday!