2015 Day 13: Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Let’s quickly flash back to another time-say 1964. I am in high school.  It is about October.  And I have created my “want” list for Christmas.  It was not long. It had ONE item on it.  I wanted an angora sweater.  They were SO popular!  They were made in gorgeous light colors-pastel pink, light blue, maybe light yellow.  I wanted a pink one.  A LOT. Why did I want one?  Well, everyone in high school wanted one.  Well-perhaps the seniors did not want one because they already had one.  I would give up everything (not really) for one of these sweaters.  Probably they were itchy. However, NO ONE would actually admit it might be scratchy.  I think that wanting this sweater was probably the only time that I might have been obsessed about a piece of clothing.  My Mom knew that I wanted one.  So I just left it in her hands.  That was the best thing to do.

One day in November, my Mom and I were at a department store in our town.  It was a wonderful store.  The main store was in Atlanta. They had everything anyone could EVER want.  The junior department was downstairs beside the bakery.  Yes-they had a bakery.  It was a wonderful bakery.  They made cream horns, for one thing.  Ahhh.  They also made the best coconut cake IN THE WORLD. I cried when they closed their bakery. We had coconut cake for every family dinner and holiday dinner.  Oh My, it was good!

Anyway-back to my story-Mom and I were riding the escalator to the second floor. As it moved upward, I was gazing in awe at the racks and racks of junior angora sweaters on sale for Christmas.  My Mom was gazing at a rack of coats. She knew I really needed a coat.  She tugged at my arm and said, “Look at that corduroy car coat. Isn’t it cute?” I took one look and said the unforgivable, “That’s so ugly.”  Mom didn’t say anything else and neither did I.  We continued on our ride to the second floor.

Fast forward now to Christmas Day.  Opening Presents. Being excited that I would have THAT sweater.  There was one large box left.  It was mine! Yay! Be still my heart! I ripped the paper off.  I pulled the top off! I tore the tissue paper away! It was……the ugly coat! My Mom gently said that she had already bought it because she knew I needed one.  Boy did I feel like a heel.  I put the coat on and fastened the buttons.  It fit perfectly.  The collar was this fake Sherpa kind of material that felt cozy and wonderful.  The pockets were roomy.  And it looked really really good on me!

Fast forward down the road–several years.  It is winter and I am wearing probably the best fitting and warmest car coat that I have ever had.  And I finally have my big feet out of my mouth.  Mom’s do know best!


2 thoughts on “2015 Day 13: Open Mouth, Insert Foot”

  1. Oh yes… I have heard my own mother talk of her pleading for an Angora sweater while in high school… if I remember the story right, she and her younger sister both wanted them and – miracle of miracles… somehow her parents were able to swing it but her younger sister got the color/style that she really wanted. Both stories remind me of how dramatic we can be at that age… thankful that your Mom knew best and you were able to enjoy that coat after all!

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