2015 Day 17: The Wedding Oops

Today, my husband and I were fortunate enough to witness the wedding of our youngest niece.  It was in a gorgeous setting outside. Wooden church pews marched down the slight slope to the altar.  Shade was provided by  ancient pecan trees that surrounded the outdoor church. The sky was the most amazing shade of blue! The grass provided a cushy green carpet for the bridesmaids and the bride to come down.  It was a perfect setting.  It was even more perfect because this couple has their focus on the Lord.

I am sure that something went awry at the wedding.  Things always do.  But generally, the guests have no idea of  the oops. I think that sometimes even the bride or groom have no idea what didn’t go right.  Weddings are happy times so those little oops just fade away.

Our son had a little oops at his wedding that everyone knew about.  A day before the wedding, he was playing racquet ball with the pastor who was going to marry him.  They were both pretty competitive players.  During the heat of play, my son hit the ball too hard and it managed to hit the pastor in the face-in the eye! Yikes.  He was fine except he had the most gorgeous black eye and face.  His actual eye was blood red.  Various shades of green and black were quite evident during the wedding and in all the pictures.  Everyone laughed and wedding and life went on!

My sister had a wedding oops when she married, too.  But I never told her about it.  I was a bridesmaid in one of those dresses that the bride always says—“I picked out something you can wear later. ”  Nope sis.  NO bridesmaid dress can be worn out again in a social setting.  No matter how may times you think it can, that dress looks like a bridesmaid dress.  Sorry!

The color was so nice-kind of an apricot which really really looks nice on me.  It was a dress that looked like it had a lace dress over a solid strapless dress. So you got the TWO dress look but only had to really wear one dress.  I had to have it altered and I was so happy with the fit.  Well, several weeks rocked along and then came the weekend for the wedding.  It was at a large church and the church employed a wedding planner to make sure that the facilities were used correctly and to just keep the ceremony on time.  The little lady probably was a drill sergeant in the Army in her previous life.  I say that because everything had a time and we stuck to it. Period.  End of dawdling and talking and just enjoying the moment.  Well, my sister had all the dresses.  I wanted to run into the ladies room and try mine on again just to make sure everything was fine. OH NO-the sergeant said.  That would take too much time.  SO I decided I would take it home.  OH NO she said.  The dresses had to STAY at the church. No discussion.  Well, I knew better than say anything but “Yes ma’am.”

The next day dawned beautiful and sunny and wonderful.  I arrived at the time the wedding planner said to arrive.  I got dressed.  I looked in the mirror and gasped. The dress was too big in the bust.  I must have lost a little or tightened up what I had playing ball with the church team .  Anyway, it was too big.  In fact, the lace overlay was stitched to the satin underdress and it folded over in my bust area. What was I going to do? We had some duct tape in the car-my hubby brought that to see if we could fix anything with that.  Nope that didn’t work.  No one-including the wedding planner-had needle or thread.  And she was so pushy trying to get me to figure out what to do. She was NO help but she should could tap her foot impatiently! I went into one of the bathroom stalls to wipe away some tears and thought about the toilet paper.  Could I stuff the strapless bra enough that it would hold up the front of the dress?  The answer is yes.  Of course I used THREE whole rolls of toilet paper because it had to be stuffed really full.  The dress fit but I sure looked like I had just had a breast implant. I didn’t do any deep breathing because I was afraid it would fall down.  That would be AWKWARD.

Well, the music started.  The planner shoved me through the door to the church and the wedding went on. It was awesome.  So Sis, you had an oops but everything ended up just fine.  And I had three extra rolls of toilet tissue wads in my car-use in case!