2015 Day 21: The Car Theft

I don’t really have a thing for cars, but it may seem like that because I have talked about several already.  There was my neighbor’s Packard wagon-which was a beauty. There was my parent’s Studebaker-which in those days was pretty cool looking. There was my Dad’s keyless Chevy. And today there is the Falcon. It was my Dad’s car. It came after the Chevy. It was not cool. It was white because white cars were cheaper.  It was a two door because it was cheaper. Have you found a characteristic  of this car yet? It was a straight shift on the steering wheel. That was also cheaper and really not cool at all. Cool cars had a stick shift on the floor!  It was beige inside. Blah-blah-blah. I also learned to drive in that car under the ever watchful eye of my Dad. He taught me to drive on the unfinished areas of Interstate 75. Was that probably illegal?  Maybe. But it was a great stretch of road with NO traffic. All you had to do was drive around the barriers!!!

Anyway, my dad drove the Falcon everywhere.  One day he went to  a large K-Mart kind of store to pick up some things. He parked his car carefully and went inside. He did not lock his car. In those days, people frequently left their cars open. The windows were down.  Just a regular shopping trip was taking place. When he came out, he walked to his car and then realized he had maybe parked in another row. He didn’t see his car. Dad was pretty tall so he just looked over the parking lot and there was the Falcon-over in another row. He goes to the car and the windows were up. He thought back and thought he had left the windows down. It was pretty warm that day. Then he opened the door and got in. Oops! The seat was too close. So he adjusted the seat. He pulled out his keys and then dropped them on the car floor. So he bent down to, pick them up. As he was picking them up, someone knocked on the window. He looked up. It was a policeman with a gun. The policeman said, “Sir, would you please get out of the car?” So he did. Beside the policeman was a woman. He didn’t know her at all. The policeman then asked Dad why he was in the lady’s car. Dad told him it was his car and he had the keys.  The lady said it was hers. My Dad said it was his. So the policeman asked him to get back in the car and start it. So he did. Both the lady and the policeman were confused. So he had Dad to turn off the car and start it again with the lady’s keys. Yep! It started again.  So they started looking around and two rows over was another white Falcon. They were exactly alike. Well, one was Dad’s and one was the lady’s.  Both sets of keys started both cars. The policeman as well as my Dad and the lady were stunned. How could this happen? Keys were suppose to be different-right? Well, apparently not.

So  what are the chances of two cars two rows apart having exactly the same keys?  Perhaps that is the question. As far as my Dad, he was just glad that he was not arrested for car theft!