2015 Day 22: Clocks, Markers and Scissors

Have you ever had a child whose body seemed to know what time it was?  It didn’t matter where you were or what you were doing because if you “hit” that special time, all bets were off.  That internal clock had only one acceptable activity that could be done.

My oldest granddaughter had a clock inside her.  It was set for 8:00 PM.   If you were coming home from church and happened to be in the car with her, she  would cry.  She cried really loud with tears.  It was a sight!  If you were traveling up the interstate and the car clock ticked over to 8:00 PM, she began to cry.  Really cry.  She could actually cry for two hours straight.  I am not kidding.  You could give her a snack. She would refuse it.  You could give her a teddy bear.  She would refuse it.  And she never quit crying.  So what was her 8:00 activity? A bath.  A nice warm bath with her favorite tub buddies.  The second her fat little toes hit the water, she was silent and smiley and happy.  Finally….

She also had a thing for markers.  She loved to color on paper.  She loved to color on the wall.  She loved to color the appliances.  Face it-she loved to color anything.  Her Mom finally had to keep the markers locked up!  But Annabanana was pretty sneaky and sometimes she hid a marker or found one that had not been locked up.  So what did she do? Well, she took that permanent purple maker and colored something she had never colored before—–HERSELF! Her face.  Her arms.  Her legs.  She looked like a Smurf! Nothing would take the color off.  It had to W-E-A-R off.  When her parents took her to church, no one even said a single thing about her purple body.  They knew her attraction to markers.

Her other attraction was to scissors.  Even at an early age, she loved to cut hair.  Other people’s hair.  So her brothers and sisters sometimes got an extra haircut-thanks to Annabanana. The most famous haircut was to her younger sister.  With four young children in the family, her parents would get one ready at a time.  That day they were having a family picture made.  Her younger sister was all ready.  Then Annabanana.  Then the boys.  When my son and his wife started gathering everyone up, they kept noticing that the youngest girl-Looloo-looked a little different.  It took a few minutes for them to realize that her bangs were gone.  Not short.  GONE.  Cut to the very scalp.  Well, it didn’t take much guessing to figure out who was the hair cutter!  Annabanana said that Looloo wanted her bangs cut.  Right.  The nice thing is that Looloo didn’t have to worry about her bangs for a long time!

I am happy to say that Annabanana is a sophomore in college now and has given up her 8:00 bath, doesn’t color herself or anyone else with markers, and only allows a professional cut her hair!  Yay!