2015 Day 26: The Glory of Fall




Fall has arrived in my neck of the woods . Yay!  I love Fall! Mornings are a little cooler. Maybe a tad crisper. Jeans and flannel shirts come to the front of my closet. Listening to the thunk of acorns hitting my metal roof. Sleeping with the window open–yes! Listening to the hoot of owls at night.  Fall is glorious!

This morning when I went to teach water aerobics, it was raining. We get a lot of rain in the Fall in my area. I had to stop in the driveway to let a group of wild turkeys cross the road. It was my first turkey group in the road sighting this year.  They are beautiful creatures to me. Also they do not eat my roses!

In the first years that we lived here, this is when I put my boots in my car. Boots are important if you live in the country. It’s easier to walk up a muddy road in boots rather than other shoes. If you have to drag part of a tree out of the road, it is easier in boots.  I wore boots today for the first time. My boots aren’t pretty but they carry me where I need to go.


No high heels. No wedge heel. No fake fur. No pointy toe. No decorative trim. Just work boots that keep my feet dry and with room for my toes to spread.  They have no zippers. They lace up. They go great with jeans. With walking in the woods. With cutting wood. With raking leaves. With walking in the rain with my Doodle Ozzie.

In a few days, my road will be completely covered with leaves. You will not be able to see a single piece of tar and gravel. That is when I drive up the road and stop. And get out of my car. And just look around and listen to the quiet wonderfulness of Fall!