2015 Day 4: The Hat Era

This morning as I was walking to church from my car, I noticed a couple walking ahead of me. The gentleman was holding an umbrella over his wife and she was really dressed up. I was in flats and a raincoat. I felt rather dumpy behind her. She had on a black suit, black heels and the most gorgeous black hat. As I watched them go in the front door of the church, I had a flashback to a different time. I call it the Hat Era. And I have several of my Nannie’s hats to share with you today.

When I was a child, I always wore a hat to church in the spring and summer. Everybody did. I wore white short gloves, too. Everyone did. Most hats would go with a variety of dresses. Children’s hats were primarily of three styles. The first style was for babies and toddlers. They were the lacey cap that tied under the chin. The second hat was what we called the sailor hat with the wide brim and with a ribbon tie under the chin. Sometimes all you had was a stretchy strap that was itchy and pinched. When you reached 11 or 12, you could graduate to the hat that I call the I Love Lucy Hat. Hats 020

The next hat is the grown-up version of “Lucy”.  I love the fake stones on the side of the hat. It was more an everyday kind of hat. You might wear it grocery shopping!

Hats 018

Next you see a small pillbox with—-glory be—A veil! You have to love veils. This one only comes to the end of my nose. It also has a perky red bow in the back. Can you see this with a navy polka-dot dress and navy blue and white spectator pumps? Classy.

Hats 019 

The next hat is spectacular! It has large fabric fins in two colors that shoot up from the hat. The veil is MUCH longer. It comes down to my chin. You have to use a hat pin to keep this one in place. For the uninformed, hat pins were just really long straight pins that went through the hat into your hair and back out in the hat. It kept hats in place.

Hats 017

This last hat is my FAVORITE. I love the rust colored velvet fabric. I adore the three feathers that extend from the front of the hat. You feel like a sophisticated grown-up person in this hat!

Hats 021

When we had Hat Days at my school, I always wore these hats. Sometimes I took two of them and would switch out at lunch. The children loved them and probably thought that I was crazy for wearing them in public. For me, they reminded me of my Nannie. When I wore them, I was always a little closer to her.