Balls and Sweets

In the South, there are a few things that are standards.  Sweet tea is a standard drink.  Coca-Cola is a standard drink.  And Krispy Kreme doughnuts are a standard indulgence.  I have already reflected once on the KK theme-I know that.  But this is another little story of how this sweet became a favorite for me!

My Daddy like to go to baseball games.  Sometimes a group of men that he worked with at Lockheed would go together.  But sometimes, he took me with him.  I loved to go to the ball games.  Probably I didn’t understand all the rules but I had the basics down pretty ok.  Now in Georgia, we have the Atlanta Braves.  They have had excellent years.  Remember Dale Murphy?  I do!  And they have had pretty crummy years.  But this baseball team was the Crackers.  Yep-you heard me right-they were called the Crackers. Their “stadium” was on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta.  But it was not like the stadiums of today.  It would be more like a small high school ball field.  Wooden seats or benches.  Concrete floors. Vendors hawking their wares of peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs.  I can’t remember about beer.  I am not sure they sold that.  Back then lots of places were “dry” in those days. But they sold Coca-Cola in little green glass bottles.  The bottles would be packed in ice drums and be icy cold.  You couldn’t screw the lid off. You had to have the man use a church key to pop off the lid.  You would hold the icy bottle in your hand and the air would condense on it creating little cold drips that would run down your arm to your elbow.  The first swig (that’s a drink to you Yankees) would take your breath away.  Heavenly! Generally we would drive in our car down there.  I can remember that my Daddy would park in the Sears parking lot across the street. Sears was BIG.  I mean really BIG.  Perhaps 3 stories and a bargain basement.  So if my Daddy parked there, he would be obliged to walk into the store and perhaps look at a tool or two just to justify the parking thing.

After the game was over, we had one more standard stop to make before heading home.  On Ponce de Leon Street there was another famous place—-Krispy Kreme.  It was open 24 hours a day and churned out the yummiest hot glazed doughnuts ever.  We would generally get a dozen of them.  They were so cheap-like a dollar maybe.  But the best part was the smell and taste.  You could watch the bits of dough drop into lard (yes-LARD) and cook on both sides before running under the sugary glaze topping.  When you held it in your hand, it would be SO hot it would bend over.  Oh My,  it was good!!

So to this day, when I eat a KK, I think about my Daddy.  I am thankful for the time he spent with me sharing things he enjoyed-like ball games and Krispy Kreme doughnuts!