Girls Night Out

Tonight as we were heading home from a Mexican dinner, we made a little stop at a Southern favorite for a little sugary treat.  If you guessed we had a milkshake at our local Dwarf House, you were wrong.  It’s Sunday and they are closed!  Instead we made a Krispy Kreme HOT doughnut run.  Yep! Nothing better than a HOT one. Our KK store is fairly new and has a big HOT light right out in front of the store.  I also have a HOT app on my smartphone because you never know when you will need a HOT one!

While I was driving home, I thought about my son and what a great father he is.  He and his wife are fine Christians and they have four children-2 boys and 2 girls who are being raised in an awesome Christian home.  I have loved watching the things that they have done with their children.  And that is what I am going to reflect upon tonight. One of those special things…..

When my oldest granddaughter reached the “age” when she could have spend the night company, she enjoyed having a sleep over with two or three of her favorite friends.  The youngest granddaughter loved this activity, too, because she was able to join in on the party.  The first time this happened, the girls were still awake as the hour approached midnight.  So my son loaded them up in the family van in their jammies and with his wife and their two sons, rolled down the road to the Krispy Kreme in their town.  Their KK is open 24 hours a day and has a counter where you can eat Hot ones as you watch more HOT ones spin by behind the glass wall.   Just image four little girls in their jammies and two little boys in theirs sitting on stools at midnight eating Hot ones and drinking chocolate milk! Needless to say, this event became a standard at all future Girls Night Out as well as Boys Night Out. My son became the KK king!

Who’s up for a little trip to KK right now?