The Porch Swing

We live in the woods-I mean real woods.  I can see nothing but trees from the front, sides and back of my house.  I have a gravel drive.  There are no street lights or sidewalks.  It’s in the woods-you see. One of the nicest things about my house is I have a porch that runs along one whole side of my house.  It’s even better because it is on the second story.  So you are even more in the trees!

The second nicest thing about my porch is that it has a swing.  You can sit there and swing and watch the birds and see the deer  and solve the problems of the world.  Well, maybe not the world.  But it is a great place to sit and reflect and think and dream.  It’s my favorite place to have a cup of coffee in the morning.   During the summer, I have big ferns and some other flowers and stuff around on the porch.  Actually that is pretty standard in the South.

Several years ago, I was cooling off from some yard work and sitting in the swing.  I was going to take a shower after I cooled off so I was just in a robe.  And barefoot.  No big deal there.  I do that frequently.  Anyway, I noticed that a stick had fallen from a nearby tree and blown onto the porch.  So I started to get up from the swing to throw the stick over into the yard when I noticed it moved.  Just a little.  I looked more carefully and saw the “stick” start to move from one opening between boards to another.  A snake! A blackish snake! I had no shoes on.  The snake was between me and the door to the house.  So I pulled up my legs onto the swing and just watched as the snake slithered toward this HUGE fern on my porch.  Up the side of the planter it went and then right into the fern.  I took that chance to run into the house.  I stood at the door for a bit and the snake did not reappear.  Later that day, my husband routed the snake out and killed it.  It was a copperhead.  Yikes! That afternoon we moved the ferns from the porch.  I will share a lot of things but not my porch plants with a copperhead. It’s been several years and I have located my ferns off the porch.

This year we had the porch screened in.  Awesome! No flies.  No yellow jackets.  No spiders.  No snakes.  But the ferns will be moving back to the porch next summer!!!