Tick Tock

The other night I heard from a friend and she was talking about how many things had changed in our lives since we were little girls. And she mentioned something that is really different today that I had completely forgotten about-the wrist watch! So WW-this is for you!

The watches that were made in my childhood are quite different from the watches today. People today may have several watches since the watch today is a fashion statement. Or it is a sign of wealth because you just paid over $10,000 for it!

In the 1950’s, getting a watch was a rite of passage. You first had to be able to tell time! You had to know what the “long” hand meant and what the “short” hand meant on your watch!  There were NO digital watches-they had not been invented yet!  And for your information, children learned to tell time at home not at school .

My first watch was a plain watch with a leather band that was made by Timex .   My watch made a faint ticking sound if you held it to your ear. The other interesting thing is that you had to wind up your watch every day in order for it to work. Every watch had a little knob on the side of the watch. You could set your watch by pulling out the knob and moving the hands. Of you could push the knob in and wind your watch that way. If you forgot to wind it at night, it would slowly run down during the night and be dead by the next morning! Then you would reset the “hands” and wind it up and you were ready to go!

One of the other interesting things about watches was that they could be repaired. Most jewelry stores had a watch repairman who could actually repair your watch  and the repair cost was less than a new one .  We were more frugal in those days. There was no reason to buy something new when the old one still had use left in it.

One of the other things that I remember about my watch was the advertisement for Timex….”They take a licking and keep on ticking!” And I have to say, I agree completely!