Welcome to Youth Council

I grew up in a large Baptist church in Marietta in the 1950’s. Due to its size, there were a ton of activities for children. I first reached the Girls’ Auxiliary age and loved being in it. That same year, I was able to join Training Union which met on Sunday nights before church.  Training Union was not a little child kind of thing where you sat in a circle around your teacher and listened to stories. This was a coed group and we had “big” person activities—like Sword Drills. The adult would announce a scripture and the first person who found it got to step out and read it.  I loved that activity. But most of all, I looked forward to being able to join the Youth group.

The Youth group was made up of teenagers. They met on Sunday nights and had a Youth Council that met on Wednesday nights before Prayer Meeting.  And they looked SO grown up and they could drive cars! WOW! I remember who the president of Youth Council was to this day. Her name was Harriet and she wore perfectly pressed Oxford shirts and straight skirts and penny loafers and had this gorgeous honey blonde hair that flowed down her back almost to her waist.  Oh my! And she smiled at all us “newbies” and welcomed us into the fold!

One of the big events of the Youth was Youth Week. The Youth would be in charge of all adult Sunday School classes and had leadership roles in the church services. I played the piano and generally I ended up playing somewhere. But the first year, Harriet asked me to also teach an adult class. I couldn’t tell her no. I was terrified.

The Sunday morning arrived and I went to my assigned class. The ladies were “experienced” ladies and SO sweet. They made me feel welcome but I was still nervous. Sweaty palms. Racing heart. I did the lesson.  I ended. I looked at them and WHAM I fainted! Right on the floor! It is a miracle I did not get a concussion. They patted my hands and put a cold cloth on my forehead and I opened my eyes. Talk about embarrassed!!!!! That was me!!!!

When the next year rolled around, I only had to play the piano.  Whew!