I need the corn!

As you get older many interesting things can (and do) happen to you. You forget where you left your glasses.  You misplace your car keys.  And then you hit the ripe old age of —50! Ha! But seriously your short term memory is not as sharp as it was at age 20.

Probably 10 years ago, I heard a woman speak at a Women’s Conference and found she had the perfect solution for that short term memory.  She accidentally discovered this solution in her own home.  So I am sharing it with you for free! It works like a champ!

The next time you go grocery shopping, purchase as many small cans of whole kernel corn as you have rooms in your house.  Doesn’t matter the brand–any old can of corn will do.  When you get home, put your groceries away but save out the  cans of corn.  Then move through your house, leaving a can of corn in every room of your house. The corn needs to be in plain sight.

Now for the magic!!!!  When you go into a room in your house and CAN NOT REMEMBER WHY you went into the room, walk directly to the can of corn and pick it up.  Then say aloud, “I need this can of corn for a few minutes.” If no one is in the room, still say the sentence out loud.  Finally walk out with the can of corn and go to another room-say the kitchen and leave the can on the counter.

Isn’t that simple?  You now have a reason for going into the room and the visible item in your hand. You are off the hook about feeling “bad” that you can’t remember. You have the corn!

One year I gifted the teachers that I worked with a can of corn and told them the story.  What started out as a kind of joke became a tool to not feel foolish when you could not remember.  You just took the corn! Problem solved!