So do you have plans for tonight?

“So do you have plans for tonight” might be some interesting words.  If you say “yes” or if you say “no” you might end up with a humdinger of an evening.  Let me explain.

Years ago I taught with a very interesting lady.  She was the one who encouraged me to let our students build a log cabin inside our classroom.  M had a lot of good ideas although some folks may have considered some of the ideas slightly wacky.  It was summer.  It was HOT!  It was humid.  It was Friday evening about 7pm when our phone rang (This was before cell phones!). I answered.  It was M and she was getting some folks together for the evening at her home to watch their Cereus bloom.  I had heard about her plant.  Her husband had been babying it along all winter.  And it had one bloom and he was pretty sure that TONIGHT would be THE night that it would bloom.  So I said “Yes” and the four of us hopped into the car and headed to her house.  I had not been there before but knew where it was located.  No problem.

Once at her house, we looked at the Cereus.  It was not a spectacular plant by any means. But it had a HUGE bloom that looked like it was about ready to make its appearance. While we waited, we made fudge and popcorn and talked about a zillion things.  Then the “Time” arrived.  It was midnight.  We anxiously  watched the plant.  Slowly the bloom began to open.  We almost held our breath. Then we decided to really hold our breath.  The bloom was gorgeous but it was also STINKY.  I mean rotten meat stinky!!!!! The husband carefully pollinated the appropriate parts.  And it was over for another year.

Our kids were invited to have a sleepover and they stayed.  They loved the quirkiness of both M and Dr. G.  Where else can you go and  watch a plant bloom at midnight.  Or where can you spend the arrival of dawn hunting bugs in the front yard?  Dr. G always tried to get them to eat them but my kids always told him that they didn’t know where that bug had been!

And my husband’s final words on the matter were—-“I can’t believe we spend half the night on a porch  watching a plant bloom!”