Stroller Etiquette–(Tongue in Cheek!)

Several times I have considered making a few comments about the use of strollers in today’s family life.  Then I start a post and delete the whole thing.  Strollers in the 1960’s were quite different than the strollers of today.  Let me explain.

We had a stroller for our son and daughter.  It had four wheels and a detachable sunshade and a small basket behind the baby seat for carrying needed items.  We bought ours second hand because they were fabulously expensive and we lived on a budget.  I think we may have paid $20.00 for it.  The seat was somewhat adjustable and made from a  vinyl material that could be cleaned.  That is about all you could say about it.  It was rather heavy and awkward to get into the trunk of the car.

Today’s strollers are  lighter, carry more, and have added devices that make stroller use easier for both the mom and child.  They are also expensive.  I bet that some have wifi built into the stroller for the working Mom on the go!

My big deal (or big gripe) with strollers doesn’t come from my day to day contact with them.  My main encounters come from strollers in large entertainment parks, such as Disney World and Disney Land. These are only suggestions regarding stroller use.  Please just read and consider a few suggestions:

*If your child is over 5 feet tall, he/she probably doesn’t need to ride in a stroller in the park.  This is due to the fact that his/her feet stick out a long way ahead of the actual stroller.

*Allowing a child who can not see over the stroller top to push another child (or children) in the stroller is dangerous to the people ahead of the stroller.

*Allowing children in the stroller to have ninja swords and poke nearby people is not being  courteous of others.

*Please do not suddenly stop in the middle of the pathway with your stroller.  Pull over to the side please.

*Put your cell phone away and watch where you are pushing your stroller.


Something that is not a suggestion but just something I have noticed is that guests with strollers at Disney Land are much more courteous of others than guests  at Disney World. The Disney World stroller folks will flat run you over!

As for me, I practice a lot of technical walking skills at parks now!