The Fine Art of Frog Gigging

If you live in the country, you may recognize the term frog gigging.  If you are from the city and have no idea what a gig is—-well, just read on!

Several days ago, I wrote about how we provided assistance to a farmer friend of ours when he needed help hauling hay.  That was a real shock to me.  It was flat out manual labor.  And you did it until you were finished–not until you were tired.  All four of us helped.  My daughter had the best job-she drove the tractor and was only in 5th grade!    But there was an unexpected bonus to the hauling hay.  It was frog gigging.

Our farmer friend asked our kids if they would like to go frog gigging with him.  Of course, they had no “real” idea what it was but went anyway.  One at a time…… Of course, I really didn’t have a good idea of what it was either…….yikes!  The first time, both went together.  M came by our house and picked them up  about dark:thirty.  You know what dark:thirty is, right? Then they took his flat-bottom boat down Big Cedar and they looked for frogs.  You listen for their croak, shine a light on them and wham! stick the three-pronged gig into their body.  Gross!  After you get a “passel” of them, you are done for the night-except for cleaning them.  Only the legs are tasty so most of the big old frog is a toss-away.  Both of my kids loved frog legs.  They loved the excitement of hunting in the dark on the creek.  Generally they would be gone for three or four hours before they had enough to make a meal.  My kids generally came home and cooked theirs immediately.  They never shared a single one with me or their Dad.

Only later-much later, did I find out how they really decided when to stop for the night.  They stopped when——they ran out of ammunition to shoot the snakes on the creek!

Sometimes, it is better to not know the whole picture!