Yes, I ate that as a child!

Today many parents are greatly concerned with the food that they make or purchase for their children.  Even children know the words sugar-free, gluten free and organic-just to name a few.  In reality, these words are fairly new “inventions.” When I was a child, they had not even been invented. I had a blissful childhood, stuffing myself with good, home-cooked foods.  I also enjoyed some grocery items that today would be considered hazardous to my health. Yikes!

For example, Coca-Cola had been invented and no one thought that consuming a Coke as being bad for you.  They came in glass bottles and you had to use a “church-key” to pop off the top.  They were pretty strong and would almost take your breath away.  My doctor actually encouraged the drinking of a Coke by giving his “good” children patients a wooden nickel that could be used in the Coke  machine in the lobby for a “free” Coke.  I was always a good patient!

Moon Pies were very popular when I was a child.  They were chocolate and had a cracker and marshmallow inside.  I loved them and my mother thought they were a good snack. Yippee!

Bologna was pretty popular when I was a child.  I ate it on Colonial white bread with some Duke’s mayonnaise.  It was yummy with some red Kool-aid, dill pickles and Charles Potato Chips.  It was the “perfect” lunch and SO GOOD FOR YOU! Everyone ate this.  And when you took this for your lunch to school, it sat in your desk with mayonnaise and no refrigeration. I was not a fan of this but I knew kids who loved mayonnaise sandwiches.  Or mayonnaise and Kraft American cheese slices on white Colonial bread. It had additional “nutrients” added to make it healthier for you!  Yeah-right!!!

It was a real treat to eat some Vienna Sausages. They were best to pop off the lid, pour off the fatty liquid and then pull one out and pop it into your mouth. Heavenly! My grandchildren have even eaten these! But it was their other grandmother who provided them!  Ha-Ha!

One final item that everyone ate in those days was Spam.  You could pull of the lid, drain off the fatty liquid, and fry it in a skillet on the range top.  It took the place of a “meat” for the family.  It is also excellent with scrambled eggs. It’s almost like ham and eggs.  I never thought about what pieces and parts were ground together to form this meat.

If you come to my house today, you will not find these foods in my house.  Well, except for Duke’s mayonnaise…’s required in my famous potato salad!