You might be having a personal summer if…

Women are SO lucky!  We are blessed with the ability to grow a new person inside our tummy.  Our body is set up to make milk to feed this new person and provide a good start to a new life.  As women age, their  bodies are also able to create what is sometimes called “a personal summer”.  When I began having my own personal summers, I talked to my doctor about them.  I asked, “SO…. how long do women generally have these personal summers?”  He replied, “Most women generally are only inconvenienced by them for maybe two years.”

I will now say to the world……..He was liar, liar:  pants on fire! I am currently working on 18 plus years!

Ok. Let’s get down to the nitty, gritty.  Personal summers are HOT flashes.  By HOT, I mean you could spontaneously combust in  probably 12 seconds,  Maybe less than 10 seconds! Maybe even 5 seconds.  Men have NO idea.

So why don’t we run through some of the common actions that women might have to do in order to deal with Hot Flashes…….I have 18 plus years of experience—remember?

**You store some of your bras in the refrigerator.  Nothing like a “cool” one to bring the temperature down! Better yet, store at least one in the ice maker!

**You pull off your shirt and stand in front of the open refrigerator door (or window fan or freezer or walk-in freezer at work)

**You can fan with a toothpick

**You step out of the shower and go stand naked on the porch, knowing that all water will have evaporated from your body by the time you get to the porch

**Your bedroom has air conditioning on the lowest setting available, a ceiling fan on high and a tower fan that faces your side of the bed

**You sit up in bed at night and pull off your pajamas or gown and throw the wet garment as far away from you as possible

Do any of these sound familiar?  Then baby, you have entered the Hot Flash Zone! B-E-W-A-R-E!!!!!!!