Sealed with a Kiss!

We recently purchased a new car and it came with six months of XM Sirius.  I told the dealer that I was not really interested in that at all.  Well, as things happen, I realized within a week that I was quite interested in XM!  First of all, you can pick exactly what you want to listen to while in the car and deal with no commercials.  Having hundreds (?)  of stations might be excessive but I am enjoying the ride a lot.  A whole lot! Of course I am a fan of the music of my youth as well as country which was NOT a music of my youth.  I think I didn’t discover country music until later in life.  I also like that I can listen to old radio programs such as Dragnet or the Whistler.  Pretty cool!

Today my husband and I were in the car together and playing was a song from the 1960’s called “Sealed with a Kiss.”  It’s about writing every day to your true love and sealing the letter with a kiss.  Sounds rather romantic to me!  And I actually have participated in that activity as an adult.  You see when I was a child, we wrote letters.  If you had a boyfriend who was away,  you would write letters to him everyday.  When you licked the envelope, and then sealed the letter, you would do one of several “sealing” procedures.  You could, of course, put X0X0X0 across where the envelope was sealed.  That was a less sophisticated way to “seal your letter with a kiss.”  If I had actually had a boyfriend when I was in elementary school and then he went to visit his grandmother, I could write him a letter.  If I thought NO other ADULT might see the back of the letter, I would have put the X0X0X0 on it.  Chances are good that I would not have done the XO thing.  Girls that I went to school and church with did not have boyfriends.  And we didn’t talk about boys either.  We had never held hands with a boy.  Or danced with one. Elementary schools had NO dances and parents didn’t have dancing at their houses either.  We lived in a “Leave it to Beaver” kind of time warp and that was fine!

The more advanced sealed with a kiss would be for upper high school or college age girls.  After sealing the envelope, you would put on red lipstick and actually kiss the back of the letter! Gutsy, I know! So when your “boyfriend” received your letter, he could tell you had actually kissed the envelope.  Sweet!  And he could touch his lips to the kiss, too! Actually that is rather gross.  Just think where that letter had been laying around!

The final and most advanced “sealing” method was a combination of two activities.  First the young lady would write the letter.  Then she would carefully spray the letter with her favorite perfume and allow it to dry.  Next she would carefully fold it up and seal it in the envelope.  And then, of course, apply the red lipstick and kiss the back of the envelope.  When the boyfriend received the letter, he could have that whiff of perfume from opening the letter and the red lip kiss.

I was a married woman before I actually did the “sealed with a kiss” thing.  My husband was in the army and we spent more time apart the first year than together.  So we did a lot of writing.  And yes, his letters were sealed with a kiss!  And scented!

Ahhhh-romance in the 1960’s