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Welcome to Write 31 Days 2015

Welcome to my second year of Write 31 Days! I really enjoyed writing last year and when I began to hear about this year, I went ahead and signed up. Then I thought to myself, “What am I thinking?” Frankly, I thought last year was a really good experience for me. I wrote about my family and events from my life. The more I wrote, the more I remembered! That was a good thing. In my family, my parents have passed away. So have aunts and uncles that might be able to help me better understand my family history. I grieve that my grandchildren never knew my father. My mother had Alzheimer’s and she never knew them either. Not really. I had lost touch with my father’s side of the family when he died. I assumed that the aunts and uncles that I knew as a child were gone, too. Then through a miracle, I found my Father’s remaining relatives. Actually they found my daughter (we share the same name) and I was so excited. So I write what I remember for my children and my grandchildren. And I write about the “new” things that I have learned from my father’s relatives.

I hope that you enjoy my posts. Perhaps you will laugh some or learn a little about how I came to be. Feel free to read last year—just in case you want to whole picture.