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2015 Day 25: That First Solo Drive

Driving alone can be an exciting period of time for a teenager.  I can certainly remember my first solo drive.  It was my birthday and I had passed  my driver’s test. Then my Mom let me take the car and go to the bakery to pick up my birthday cake.  Driving and birthday cake-what could be better!

But this first solo drive that I am writing about is not mine.  It is not my son’s or daughter’s either.  You see they took their first solo drive earlier than 16, too.  We live in the woods and at first had a wood furnace. So cutting downed trees was a family activity.  So we taught them to drive before they were 15 in case we had an emergency and needed help.  The most exciting thing that happened to them was to forget to shut the back door on the car all the way before backing out of the garage.  That resulted in knocking the door off the car.  Oops!

This first solo drive post is about my youngest granddaughter.  And she had a little help from her older sister.  You may remember the older sister as the child who colored herself in purple magic marker a few posts back! My son’s family was living with his sister because they had sold their house and were building another one elsewhere.  Like many stories with young children, the family was getting ready to go somewhere and they had already put Loo-Loo in her car seat in the car.  Annabanana was already in her seat in the car, too.  Mom and Dad had run back in to grab the next two children.  Somehow in those few moments-if you have children you already realize that a child can do something in a nano second-the girls talked and Loo-Loo revealed she was interested in driving. Or so AnnaBanana said later.  So she unhooked the restraining seat belt for herself and her younger sister.  Loo-loo climbed into the front seat-the driver’s seat-and somehow changed the gears.  Big oops there.  What happened was that the car rolled down the driveway and across the street and BAM! right into the neighbor’s brick and stucco mailbox.  Mom and Dad arrived on the scene as the car was moving down the driveway with Loo-Loo driving and Annabanana riding as a passenger.  How cool they thought they were.  The car’s fender received some major damage. The mailbox received slightly more damage. No one was hurt.  And no one ever drove the car again without at least a learner’s permit!