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Jest Saying Welcome

Welcome to my  Write 31 Days blog! This year I have titled it “Jest Saying” -Reflections from my Porch.  It’s my third year to participate in this writing group.  I have really enjoyed the previous years and in some ways can’t imagine not writing this October.  At other times, I think I must be crazy especially since all the others have so much better technology skills than me.  Getting started and wading through the  button making, page landing, “URL ness” causes me  a little anxiety since those are such foreign terms to me.  But I have a large bag of M & M’s available in my pantry upstairs! And coffee!

This year I will continue with reflecting back on my life.  I primarily write so that my grandchildren will have some clue to their heritage from their slightly crazy grandmother. Some are funny and may remind you older readers of things and some are sad.  They have all touched my heart and life in some ways

I hope you enjoy this month with me!


Welcome to Waternana!

Hello there! Thank you for visiting my blog: Thinking Back. I am a retired educator who has rediscovered the importance of water. I am a swimming nut! I am a lover of the Lord. A woman who has been married to the SAME man for 48 years. A mother. A grandmother. A friend. A reader. A piano player. A volunteer in my community. As I grow older, I have realized the importance of family stories. They tell so much about your life and the influences that made you the person you are now. So I will be writing about my life and my family. I hope that my stories give you a smile. Or perhaps they will give you some food for thought because what happened seems so much clearer when some time has passed. So let’s start the journey back…together….